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Did you know

Over 200 million single-use cups are thrown away in Ireland every year

That’s 528,000 every day. 22,000 per hour. 366 per minute.

2GoCup Community

Independents, Catering Organisations, Hospitals, Universities,

your business will fit right in.

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Locations around Ireland & the UK
0,000 +
of disposable cups & lids stopped from going into landfill
of euro saved for your business.
3 simple steps

How it works for you


Order your hot drink

Just the same as always!

Give €1 deposit for your 2GoCup

You can get this deposit back whenever you want or exchange your 2GoCup for a new one in any 2GoCup establishment.

Enjoy your drink

Go about your day enjoying your drink and when you’re ready return the cup to any of our participating cafes.

When you sign up you get all lids,
all included

New Cup

Say hello to our new 2GoCup
Same size, same scheme, new look. 

Both 2GoCups are still accepted in all locations

we'd love to help with your business

Save money while saving the environment

Deposit Scheme

Give your customers a 2GoCup for a €1 deposit.

Saves you money

You will no longer have to buy in disposable cups & lids


Your business can save tonnes of waste being dumped
look to the future

We are 2GoCup

We are an environmental initiative designed to prevent the production, consumption & landfill created by single-use cups while offering the same convenience and affordability to independent businesses right up to large organisations.

Don't Believe Us?

How much can you save?

Try out the Cost Saving Calculator and see how much your business can save annually by making this sustainable switch!

Your Current Cost of Cups & Lids €
Total Savings Per Year €