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Say Hello to 2GoBowl
3 simple steps

How it works for you - The Customer


Order your takeaway food order

Just the same as always!

Give €3 deposit for your 2GoBowl

You can get this deposit back whenever you want or exchange your 2GoBowl for a new 2GoBowl in any of our amazing locations.

Enjoy your yummy food

Go about your day enjoying your delicious food and when you’re ready return the empty bowl to any of our participating cafes.
3 simple steps

How it works for you - The Business


Order your 2GoBowls

Bowls cost €3 each. You should order enough for one busy week.

Charge €3 deposit per 2GoBowl

Your customers pay the full cost of the 2GoBowl

When you run out, order more from the deposits

Order more with the money from the deposit, so you're not spending any of your own money, just the deposit from the customer who has headed off with the bowl!


  • You sign up for our yearly (€365 excl. VAT)  membership. This covers both 2GoCup and 2GoBowl orders.
  • You order enough 2GoBowls for 1 busy week at your business.
  • Your first order will be delivered within 30 days after signup. 
  • You charge your customers a €3 deposit for the bowl.
  • You save countless disposable containers from being dumped. 
  • When you run out, order more with the money from the deposits, so you’re not spending any of your own money.
  • Your customers have to pay a €3 deposit for their 2GoBowl.
  • They can reuse the cup in your shop or in any other shop using 2GoBowl.
  • They can exchange their bowl for a fresh 2GoBowl if they wish.
  • They can get their €3 deposit back if they want or they can keep the bowl!
  • Delivery charges on all 2GoCups and 2GoBowls
  • Inclusion on our app so customers can find and get to you
  • Physical and digital posters 
  • 24/7 support 

2GoBowl is 100% Polypropylene, the same as our 2goCups.
Lids are the same material, AND completely Free!

Yes. The 2GoBowl & lids are the same material, and are totally recyclable. 

Food Safe Dishwasher Safe, Certified for 1,000 washes.

 For a compostable container to be recycled properly they must have the outer paper layer taken off, the inside of the container washed and dried and then placed into a compostable bin that has no other materials in it. If it is placed in a ‘contaminated bin’ the whole bin is no longer compostable.

It takes 6+ weeks for a compostable container to be recycled in a compostable facility.

Once a compostable container reaches landfill, it ends up releasing methane, a harmful gas far greater than C02. This traps heat in the atmosphere significantly adding to Global Warming.


What can our service do for your business?

This is a new concept, so don't worry if you're not sure how it works. It's actually really simple... find out more below!

Sign Up

Follow this link to join our community. Our membership costs €35 excl. VAT monthly or €365 excl. VAT yearly.

Order 2GoCups

Tell us how many disposable cups you use in a busy week. We will then deliever those cups to you. The cost of delivery is included in your membership.

Start using 2GoCups

Cups cost you €2 each. And you charge your customers €2 as a deposit for the cups. You can use this money to purchase more cups