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2GoCup & DAA

2GoCup & The DAA

We’re soaring with this announcement!

We are incredibly excited to share one of our biggest achievements to date.

2GoCup in Dublin Airport!

We are proud to announce our new partnership with DAA through our work with KSG Catering. 2GoCup will launch in Dublin Airport in the coming months, beginning in the staff facilities before a progression air-side. Our ambition with the project is to build Europe’s first international, disposable-free airport.

We’re delighted to be working with both KSG and Dublin Airport on such a progressive initiative that will showcase to the world how airport hospitality can be circular, in line with the European Union Circular Economy transition and The Irish Government’s tax on disposable cups.

We expect to bring in several other forward-thinking Irish businesses on this journey who feel they can help develop this ambitious project in the coming months.