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Address: Mentec House, Pottery Rd, Dublin

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Simply enter your details below to join our Deposit & Return Scheme and make your business disposable free!

There is no minimum order required in order to join our network! We recommend purchasing your busiest weeks worth of cups, so whether that be 10 or 1000 cups, we're happy to help cafes & organisations looking to become more sustainable and ditch disposables!


We provide 2GoCups, including lids, for £/€1* per cup.

There is a service fee of £/€365* per annum or £/€34* per month.


Your service fee covers: 

  • Delivery of cups (Re-orders included)

  •  Marketing materials (Physical + digital)

  • Targeted sponsored social media posts

  • 24/7 customer support

  • and much more!

*excl. VAT

The benefits of joining 2GoCups Community

You become part of a nationwide network determined to make Ireland disposable free! 

By joining the 2GoCup initiative you are essentially making a promise to your customers to do your bit in helping to ditch disposables and create a more sustainable Ireland. And with consumers becoming ever more environmentally conscious, there is no better time than now to join our network.

You never have to buy single-use cups again! 

The cups are only £/€1. As a vendor, you then receive a £/€1 deposit from your customers when they buy a hot drink with one of our cups. When the customer returns their cup they get their £/€1 back or else they buy another hot drink from you with a fresh cup.


The result of this is that you never have to buy single-use cups or lids again while also encouraging customers to return to your business for their hot drinks!


We recommend that you should only buy one weeks worth of cups!

If you join our Deposit & Return Scheme you can avoid the new 25c 'Latte Levy' being imposed by the Government


If you sell just 100 coffees a week this new levy may cost you thousands of euros a year. 

This in turn will be pushed on to the consumer, reuse is the best option for both the vendor and the consumer!


Our scheme has been shown to increase takeaway hot beverage trade by 10%, a levy may reduce your takeaway hot beverage sales.

Check out our calculator below and see how much 2GoCup could save you yearly!


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