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Reuse Month 2020

Reuse is, of course, all about getting the most out of the stuff that we already own! With October 1st marking International Coffee Day and the start of Reuse Month here in Ireland we thought we’d put together a little “how-to” on how you can start as you mean to go on this month and get reusing!

Why should I reuse? I already recycle?

Recycling has its place, it’s great that we’ve found ways to break down our waste and turn it into something new (or sometimes the same thing)! However, it takes a lot of energy to do and many items made from recycled materials are still using new resources. So, while recycling is better than sending waste to landfill, it definitely shouldn’t be our go-to if we want to help the environment.

Before convenience culture took hold, items were made to be used again and again, because resources were valued and energy wasn’t as easily accessible. And while times have changed, we think that if we want to take care of the planet we need to take a step back and get back to resuing.

What are the benefits of reuse?

It’s less expensive. Even if we recycled every bit of waste we had, we would still have to buy new to replace it. This costs us and the planet.

It uses less energy. The less we buy, the less we dump, the less energy is needed to create and dispose of the items we use on the daily.

It encourages quality over quantity! When we start to buy with reuse in mind, knowing we aren’t going to throw it away, it encourages us to buy higher quality items that we really want!

With all that being said here’s a short list of daily things you can do to reduce your waste and start on your reuse journey!

Ditch your disposable coffee cup and bring a reusable with you!

Okay, we may be a little bias on this one but in Ireland, as many as six single-use coffee cups are disposed of every second! This results in non-recyclable waste in the form of 528,000 single-use cups every day. Right now, the only way to combat this waste is to reduce our dependency on these disposable cups.

In a perfect world, everyone would carry a reusable cup with them all the time, but unfortunately, it can be a tough thing to remember! You may be in a rush in the morning to get out the door, or you’ve forgotten to clean yours the night before. Not to worry, here at 2GoCup we want to solve that problem! If you don’t have a reusable cup, you can simply borrow one from any one of our locations here, and drop it back when you’re done. It’s simple, convenient, and you haven’t contributed to any of those single-use cups!

Get reusable produce bags/nets!

Get rid of those thin, plastic produce bags you get at the shops. Bring your own to cut back on plastic consumption and keep your fruit and veggies nice and fresh!

Carry around a reusable water bottle!

This is a very easy way to implement reuse into your daily routine. Fill up your bottle at home at the start of your day, and if you run out, not to worry, Refill Ireland has a handy tap map showing you over 1300 public refill stations throughout the country!


For more information on Reuse Month and how to become a top reuser visit