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Any Questions?

Want to join the 2GoCup Community? Here are some need to knows!

There is no minimum order required in order to join our network! We recommend purchasing your busiest weeks worth of cups, so whether that be 10 or 1000 cups, we're happy to help cafes & organisations looking to become more sustainable and ditch disposables!


We provide 2GoCups, including lids, for £/€1* per cup.

There is a service fee of £/€365* per annum or £/€34* per month.


Your service fee covers: 

  • Delivery of cups

  •  Marketing materials (Physical + digital)

  • Targeted sponsored social media posts

  • 24/7 customer support

  • and more!

*excl. VAT

Check out our calculator below and see how much 2GoCup could save you yearly!