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Killarney Cup Campaign

About the campaign

Ireland's First
Single Use Free Town!

Keep our Parks Clean!

Over 45 businesses have agreed to swap their single-use cups in-store and instead implement the 2GoCup Deposit and Return scheme as their option for takeaway drinks. This, coupled with ceramics where applicable and the opportunity to bring your own cup is the perfect solution to the throw-away disposable lifestyle of single-use cups.

This project has been co-funded by the Kerry County CouncilKillarney Chamber of Tourism & Commerce, Killarney National Park & Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage, and Killarney Tourism Board. We want to extend our gratitude to the co-funders, the businesses and the organisers of this campaign Ciara Treacy and Louise Byrne, whose passion for sustainability has inspired us all.

From the 31st of July all participating businesses will not be providing single-use cups to customers buying takeaway coffee. Instead customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable cup, sit in and enjoy their coffee in a delph cup or avail of 2GoCups for a €2 deposit. This Cup can be swapped for a clean cup with their next coffee or dropped int any business for their €2 back!

Check out the involved businesses here below, or feel free to contact us for further information on

3 simple steps

How it works!



Order your hot drink & deposit €2 for your 2GoCup


Enjoy your coffee and the beautiful scenery!


Return the empty 2GoCup for your €2 deposit back ORSwap for a fresh 2GoCup with your next coffee!

Killarney Cup Campaign - Launch

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